9.2. Programming Languages by Age#

What are the most popular languages for a specific age group? We can find that out using data extracted from Diffbot. Here is the code used to extract the data from Diffbot.

I uploaded the dataset used in this tutorial to this repository so that you can try out the dataset yourself.

!pip install observable_jupyter
from observable_jupyter import embed
import pandas as pd 
df = pd.read_csv(
born_year language count
0 2001-01-01 Abap 12
1 2001-01-01 Ada 2
2 2001-01-01 C 0
3 2001-01-01 C# 644
4 2001-01-01 Cobol 9
5 2001-01-01 Dart 29
6 2001-01-01 Go 44
7 2001-01-01 Groovy 6
8 2001-01-01 Haskell 10
9 2001-01-01 Java 1946

We will visualize the dataset using the bar chart race created on Observable. The year on the bottom left represents the birth year. Each bar represents how popular each language is for a particular birth year.

Languages in the race: Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, PHP, R, Objective-C, TypeScript, Swift, Kotlin, Matlab, Go, Rust, VBA, Ruby, Scala, Ada, Visual Basic, Dart, Lua, Cobol, Groovy, Abap, Perl, Julia, Haskell, Pascal.

embed("@khuyentran1401/programming-languages-by-age", cells=["viewof replay", "chart"])