9.1. Analyze Data Science Market

The data in this section is collected from 160k+ data scientists, 570k data analysts, 100k+ data engineers, and 19k+ machine learning engineers from all over the world using Diffbot, the world’s largest knowledge graph. Find more instructions on how to use Diffbot here.

I uploaded the dataset used in this tutorial to this repository so that you can try out the dataset yourself.

9.1.3. Top Data Science Bootcamps for Data Professionals

Have you ever been frustrated when seeing hundreds of data science bootcamps to choose from on Google? Instead of choosing a random one, wouldn’t it be nice if you can find which bootcamps most data scientists took?

I analyzed the profiles over 5k data professionals to figure it out. The chart below shows the most popular bootcamps by roles from the analysis.

!wget -c -O 'data/bootcamps.pkl' https://github.com/khuyentran1401/dataset/blob/master/data_science_market/bootcamps.pkl?raw=true
import pandas as pd  
import plotly.express as px  

df = pd.read_pickle("data/bootcamps.pkl")
fig = px.bar(df, x='education', y='value', color='position', title='Top Bootcamps for Data Professionals by Roles').update_xaxes(
    categoryorder='total descending')


Full article on how I scraped and processed the data.